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Welcome to Roman Mosaic Workshops

          Online course in Roman mosaics is now live - for all the details click here 

Want to make a Roman mosaic?  

Learn how to create a Roman mosaic from small panels up to full Roman mosaic floors. 

The on line course is now available for Roman mosaics, geometric patterns in Roman mosaics and other working methods will be live soon.

If you are studying Roman mosaics at any level then you will find plenty of information here

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Roman Mosaic Workshops

Training - Commissions - Consultancy

img_3852I'm Lawrence Payne and I run the workshop. I've been making copies of Roman mosaics since 2002 and I've put all I've learnt over those years into my teaching and courses. 

Here you'll find all the information  you need to make a Roman mosaic.

Roman mosaic patterns for children are included in the Schools page and there is plenty more information on how to make a Roman mosaic.