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Learn roman mosaics The course

Roman mosaic kits, everything you need in the box, easy to cut tiles and great looking pieces! The very first one in a series of 'course in a box' mosaic kits. These are structered training based around two mosaic kits that you can get on a do. The learning builds on itself so you can get the knowledge while doing the work. The first kit is out, just click on the photo, right. 

Teachers - Free pattern Packs Roman Mosaic Kits

Teachers information here, free worksheets for you to add Roman mosaics to an art or history class. The free packs are aimed at 7 - 11 year old students. 

Roman Mosaic Kits, individualy bagged, everything you need for each child to do a small mosaic. No cutting required, you just need to supply the glue, ordinary PVA craft glue is fine.

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Roman mosaics for kids 'Project In a box' kits Now in!

Doing a project on the Romans at school? You will free information on Roman mosaics on ths page so you can get ahead start on your project.

Want a kit to buy? You can get a project in a box! Everything you need to create a small mosaic along with two workbooks that are fun to do. When you go through the workbooks you will have a really good idea of how the Romans made their mosaic floors.


Museum staff - run your own mosaic sessions - Retail packs

Free patterns and Roman mosaic colouring in sheets here for your museum. Especially for museum staff, want to run a workshop in Roman mosaics for children or adults? Want to stock small, child friendly mosaic kits in your shop? You'll find them here. 

Drawing & colouring roman mosaic patterns

You can learn to draw out the mosaics using compass and ruler and also how to work freehand. 

There are colouring sheets that will teach you how to unravel the geoemtric patterns by colouring in, then you can frame the finished work and put it on your wall as a reminder of what you have learnt. 

Online courses

Want to learn at your own pace and have access to the teaching at any time? The online courses make it easy for you to do that. There is the main course in Roman mosaics and the 'Drawing Patterns from Roman Geometric Mosaics' plus two free courses. Click on the link to go to the academy page. 

upcoming Workshops

Train in person with Lawrence Payne

Since 2002, Lawrence Payne has been on a journey to discover the real secrets to this craft. He has questioned everything, including his own beliefs about how this work was done. He has made copies of those ancient mosaics, sometimes repeating the same one five or six times, made every mistake possible (and found some new ones!) in a drive to understand those craftsmen. Now he wants to share his fascination with the you.

He started his training under Luciana Notturni at the prestigious Studio Arte Del Mosaico in Ravenna, Italy and ever since then has focused purely on ancient mosaics. He was asked by the British Museum in London in 2008 to run a workshop  as part of  their  exhibition 'Hadrian: Empire and Conflict' in 2008. Since then he has widened his teaching to take in many different areas in Roman mosaics, including one workshop 'Using the Staff & Square in Roman Geometric Mosaics' which is not taught anywhere else in the world. 

He never says he invents, he just rediscovers and the thing he loves to hear from his students? Anything starting with 'Why' because if we are asking questions, challenging conventional wisdom (and yes, even our own) then we can discover so much more.


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Figures & Fauna in mosaics

Fiures and fauna in Roman mosaics. We look at how animals and humans are represented in the mosaics. Click on the button below to go to the page

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Geometric Mosaics - Using the Staff & square

A unique course that you will not find offered anywhere else.

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Drawing Roman mosaics

How to draw out the geometric patterns

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