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Welcome to Roman Mosaic Workshops

          Learn to make a Roman mosaic using both modern and ancient techniques. Courses, supplies and Roman mosaic kits for both adults and children

The Roman Mosaic Pattern Database - click here

Online Course in Roman Mosaics - click here

Want to make a Roman mosaic?  

Attend a workshop here in Suffolk and learn how to create a Roman mosaic from small panels up to full Roman mosaic floors

Previous workshops run at;

British Museum, London

Chedworth Roman Villa

Oxford University

Warwick University

If you can't get here then you can buy Roman mosaic kits online plus a whole range of mosaic supplies

  Click here to download the full list of workshop dates   

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Roman Mosaic Workshops

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byzantic double guilloche

 New in!

Ancient series tesserae (tiles)

Suitable for children, slightly irregualr, pre cut to 10mm x 10mm x 3mm

Can be cut with scissors making them ideal for children and small projects

In the shop now, click here

I'm Lawrence Payne and I run the workshop. I've been making copies of Roman mosaics since 2002 and I've put all I've learnt over those years into my teaching and into the mosaic kits and marble supplies. 

Here you'll find all the information and supplies you need to make a Roman mosaic.

Roman mosaic patterns for children are included in the Schools page and there is plenty more information on how to make a Roman mosaic.