Roman Mosaic Workshops


 Want to make a Roman mosaic?  

Roman Mosaic Workshops is the only workshop dedicated purely to teaching people how to make accurate copies of ancient Roman mosaics. 

Learn how to create a Roman mosaic from small panels up to full Roman mosaic floors figurative and geometric patterns. 

If you are studying Roman mosaics at any level then you will find plenty of information here.


Workshop manuals written on how to make accurate copies of Roman mosaics and other volumes covering such things as geometric patterns. Click here




There are a number of videos which deal with Roman mosaics, how to draw out the geometric patterns and more on my Youtube channel. Click here 

 Information for children and teachers


If you're looking at the Romans at school or you're a teacher needing to cover this subject then you can find some useful things here



Online training

There are two courses currently available and more are being added. These cover The Rules in Roman mosaics (essential knowledge for creating copies) and how to draw out the geometric patterns. You can find more details at my academy site here 

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Roman Mosaic Kits

Mosaic kits designed specifically to complement the teaching you will find here.

To see them in the shop click here

10mm head of leopard

Academic References neptune and amyone tunisia

   Academic references on Roman mosaics for students & researchers, click here 


Articles on Roman mosaics

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There are a number of articles on Roman mosaics, both historical and making copies. These also include the tools and materials used. Click here



If you just need the patterns then this pack is perfect to start with, including both figurative and geometric patterns. Click here

Gallery of original Roman mosaics

These are sets of images I've collected or that have been sent to me, of original Roman mosaics.

Click here