About me


About me

Beginning in 2002 I started Roman Mosaic Workshops as a central resource for creative people, archaeologists, teachers and historians and anyone else wanting to learn more about Roman mosaics. Not just information but also the techniques and knowledge needed to be able to make accurate copies of ancient Roman floor mosaics. 

My name is Lawrence Payne and I run Roman Mosaic Workshops. After many years as a nurse, mostly working in intensive care I rekindled an interest in the world of classical Greece and Rome. One evening I was watching a program on the mosaics found at Zeugma in Turkey. In one shot they had the mosaics being washed over with water which suddenly brought them back to life, seeing that I knew what I wanted to do, to learn how they created these works. That was the easy bit, then the work started!

In 2002 I then went to Ravenna to take the first of three one week courses in making copies of Roman mosaics. It was there under the head of the school, Luciana Notturni, that I was taught the 'Rules' seen in ancient mosaics. These are essential to know to make a copy of an ancient mosaic and are what makes them 'Roman'. We worked on piece for piece copies, a method used in restoration work where to make an exact copy of the original. I continued to work like this on my return to England but I soon realised i wanted to know more. 

Since then I have concentrated on trying to discover how they made the mosaics, what actual proccess did they use? What can we see from the evidence we have? And then I took this a step further and I've been trying to open this world up to as many people as I can. 

Left, geometric pattern mosaics, all copies of orginal Roman geoemtric mosaics.  Every mosaic you see here can be made without drawing out any pattern on the board! 

Right, Bishop Optimus, 6th century CE tombstone mosaic. This is a copy of the original that I was commissioned to make by the Archbishop of Tarragona for a new Biblical museum in Spain

Below are some other examples of my work over the years.