The Basics 2


The Basics 2 

What pattern should you start with? 


 First you need to understand what you need to be learning from the patterns. Your tesserae need to be all the same average size but slightly irregular in shape. This will match the profile of the original tesserae, 8mm – 12mm. 

geo internal borderline

 What you will learn by using irregular sized tesserae is the ability to create a pattern or image made up of multiple lines but where the spaces between the tesserae remain fairly consistent. The irregular sizes allow you to fractionally expand and constrict the width of these lines to account for the different sizes. 

Working with square cut, what I call ‘industrial’ tesserae i.e. all the edges are exactly the same means that although straight lines are easy enough to do any curved lines will mean that you have to do a lot of cutting to get the gaps consistent.

2 strand guilloche  

 So, first look for a pattern with simple lines. The most obvious choice is the double strand guilloche border pattern. You have straight and curved lines and very importantly you have areas where 5 lines of colour (3 lines of colours with a line of black at either side) which need to run together forming the strands. 

The parts of the pattern where the strands curve teach you how to maintain the correct spacing when you bend the lines. This then is the best pattern to start with.

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