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  1. Newsletter plus article on fish in mosaics

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    The latest newsletter has gone out. There is offer code to get the Geometric course at the cheaper price plus there is and article of fish in Roman mosaics. What to look for in the details, colours and shading etc. If you want a copy then just fill in the box at the bottom of the page and I'll send you a copy out, (these only go out direct to peoples emails). 

    leaping fish jordan

  2. Roman geometric mosaic patterns - Now live!

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    The updated course, Roman geometric mosaic patterns, 'How to decipher, rescale and draw them out' is now available again as a online course! 

    This course details the system I have used to understand how many of the patterns used are set out. This course is suitable for complete beginners, you don't need any experience in geometry, I walk you through each step. This course is aimed at people who want to create the patterns to set a mosaic too and also those who want to just draw the patterns out.

    There are 20 patterns that you can view or download and print off which are step by step guides to redrawing them. 

    Unlike other courses this one will continue to grow and will continue where the previous Roman Mosaic Pattern Database left off. It will serve as a record of both the geometry and the patteern structure for many of the mosaics found.

    For more information you can go to the course page here;

    roman geometric mosaic patterns