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  1. Manchester workshop 1st March 2014

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    Some photos showing the work going on at the workshop I ran in Manchester. This one was organised again by Tracey Cartledge of MakeMosaic. It was very nice to be up there again and hopefully we will continue to do more as Tracey is very involved in raising the profile of mosaic work in the area. She runs weekly classes so it's worth getting in touch with here if you're in the area. 

    manchester 1 march 2014 The black and white 'Head of Diana' from one of the Villa Armira mosaics from Bulgaria

    manchester 2 march 2014 Little bird mosaic, I put the photo of another bird mosaic there as sometimes people find it helpful to see how they did other examples.

    manchester 3 march 2014 Leaping Fish, like Little Bird a good template to use which you can customise to create a mosaic different from the orginal.

  2. Using the hammer and hardie

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    A photo showing a student on the full day course learning to use the hammer and hardie. This is the comment she wrote when she posted this on Facebook;
    'Three years after getting a hammer and hardie, I have finally learnt how to use it! Thanks to Lawrence at Roman Mosaic Workshops'.

    A great result!
    First you need to see the hammer and hardie as just another set of tools. Learn to use them as if you were going to do nothing but cut 'standard' tesserae. Then when you have cut enough you can look to using them as a specialist tool.