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  1. Teach Roman Mosaics - Last Copy Of The Manual.

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    The last hard copy of the manual 'Teaching a course in Roman mosaics'

    short course cover (1)-page-001

    • Have all the information to teach a course even to complete beginners.
    • Understand what makes a mosaic 'Roman', many courses are not correct when they say you will make a Roman mosaic and I will explain why.
    • 'Is this right?' Learn how to answer this question with just three things, every time.
    • Have five different patterns for your students to choose from, all with separate instructors notes


    This course is based on my experience of 12 years of teaching how to make accurate copies of Roman mosaics, this will give you the knowledge and confidence to teach it yourself. It is suitable for museum and heritage staff, contemporary mosaic artists and anyone else who would love the chance to teach something that has become one of the most enduring icons fo the Roman Empire.

    You will know why you can describe your course as 'Roman' and you will be able to offer your students a unique insight to this ancient craft.

    In addition to the Instructors notes you also get;

    • Supplement guide to the Rules in Roman mosaics (if you do not have Volume I).
    • A set of 13 flip chart sheets, with notes, for your presentation on the Rules.
    • Two checklists for your course to ensure you have everything you need.
    • Three patterns for you to start with including guidance notes for your students.
    • Crib sheets, I give these out to students on all my workshops.

    short patterns 16x16

    The course is based around teaching a half or full day course and, if you want to, you will be able to expand this to a full day one with other patterns.


    You can take a group of complete beginners and have them make their mosaics and ,at the end, they will be able to show why their mosaic is Roman and not a piece of modern work.