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  1. Geometric pattern

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    I'm working my way through all the patterns that are sent out in Volume II (Geometrics) of the Workshop Manual and making up the mosaics so I have better images of them for the instruction cards. Here is one of them, the Star motif, and as you can see there are a number of processes to go through. I'm just finishing the 3rd one (some of the photos aren't great as I only had my phone) and there will need to be, hopefully, only one more to do. The one that is out there at the moemnt is correct but I'm working more on not just how the finished mosaic looks but also on the way in which it's constructed.

    star motif close crop img00120-20130703-1314 img00117-20130703-1140 

    More from this work will be in the updated version of the Workshop manuals, details here