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Just to give you an idea of what's going on with the manuals here is a breakdown of what is coming out.

Volume I - The Rules, Methods of work, setting out. This is the basic manual which corresponds with what is taught on the full day workshop. A5 size. Available Wednesday 12th March

Volume II Geometric mosaics and how to draw them out - How to look at a Roman geometric mosaic and then decipher it so you can draw them out both to scale and full size. Includes motifs and border patterns

Volume III Geometric mosaics, using the Staff - Being done, publish date May 2014

Volume IV Flora and fauna - Animals, aquatic creatures, plants and flowers.To be written, Autumn 2014 

Volume V Figural mosaics - To be written Spring 2015

Volume VI Portraits - To be written Summer 2015

Volume VII Setting out floors - To be written Spring 2015

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