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A bit of news (it's also the first paragraph in the newsletter just out);

I've decided to take 6 months off from the supplies part of the business so I can focus on the manuals and getting the DVD course produced. This means the baseboards, tesserae supplies and kits will be suspended. Because the marble saw I use isn't that powerful it's just taking up too much time to keep up with the demand for material. I will still be cutting the 4mm tesserae for the workshops but not to have on general sale. This way I avoid becoming a one man sweatshop!
I will restock in time for the BAMM conference in London in October.

If you want any kits then you still have until this Monday to order after which I will take them down. The page is here;

There will be some available to go with the Staff manual but at this stage I have no idea how many.

What will remain in the shop is;
Publications - Tools - Marble rods - Pattern packs

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