Children's mosaic tiles

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A piece of border mosaic made with some new tesserae I'm trying out. It's called Byzantic and it feels like type of fired clay. It can be used inside and out , though you need to protect it from frost outside.
The main reason I've chosen it though is that it has been tested as suitable for use by children and you can cut them with ordinary scissors. 

I'm off to the workshop shortly so I'll grout it then and see how it comes out.
These cut great with nippers too, as easy as terracotta tesserae.
I did get my little girl, she's 6, to try cutting some pieces with scissors and it worked ok but she had to you a bit of force and the some of the pieces went pinging off across the room! Straight cuts are fine, triangles do result in more breaks. I doubt older children would have much trouble though.

If anyone in the UK wants a free small sample bag then just get in touch and I'll mail one out.
I've not worked out the price yet for these but it's about 7kg per square metre so it should only be about £110 per sqm. A 10cm x 10cm coaster would need about 70 grams,

Children's mosaic tiles

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