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As I have no minimum numbers for running a course at the workshop it is easy to accommodate students who wish to learn as much as possible if they have to travel and be flexible enough to focus on specific areas. Here is part of my reply to a recent inquiry on what can be covered in 2 days;

'Day 1. History (very brief), The Rules, Methods of Work. Geometric mosaics - working out a pattern using geometry, setting a mosaic using the staff so no marks are needed on the baseboard. You complete a 30cm x 30cm mosaic.

Day 2. Brief recap on day 1. Figural mosaics, how to use what you've learnt already. Scaling figures up or down, introduction on how to do a piece for piece copy. You'll start on a figure, done as a fragment.

Throughout both days. Technical issues, getting the right material, tools you need and don't need (including an introduction to using a hammer and hardie), bases/adhesives/finishing off.

Everything in these 2 days is suitable for you if you have no experience in mosaic work or maths/geometry. Running through all of this is how you develop your 'eye', your ability to see the mosaics in a certain way. It's very much about giving you the correct principles to work by so you can always refer back to them to improve in every piece you do. The courses are kept flexible so if there are any areas you wish to focus on we can do this.'

Course dates for 2014 are available here,

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