Mosaicists dream team!

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Roman mosaicists, the dream team! Referenced from Manuela Farneti's book, Glassario Tecnico-Storico del Mosaico

Pictor Imaginarius - 'Painter of images' we can assume they created the first picture. 175 sesterses per day.

Pictor Parietarius - The artist who was able to transfer the painting in large scale onto the floor or wall. 75 sesterces per day.

Musearius - The mosaicist, 50 - 60 sesterces per day. Note the term tessellarius was also used, Farneti states that toward the end of the 4th century CE the Codex Theodosianus has the musearius making wall mosaics and the tessellarius floor ones.

Lapidarius Structor - unskilled stone cutter

Calcis Coctor - most likely a slave who prepared the mortar etc

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