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I can now confirm that I will be running a four day Intensive Course in Roman Mosaics on November 13th - 16th 2014. The details are here but I do keep it fairly flexible according to peoples needs. (Booking page is here)

4 Day Intensive Course in Roman Mosaics

£425.00 per person includes all materials plus workshop manual

You can do this course with no previous experience, a small kit is sent out prior to the start of the course

13th - 16th November 2014, 19th - 22nd March 2015

Other dates to suit, just ask me what is available, there is no minimum number, maximum 4 students.

Day 1 - The working techniques, The Roman Rules, Methods of Work. Begin work on small geometric or figural mosaic. Using the hammer and hardie and other tools

Day 2 - Geometric mosaics, setting out (including marking a staff), dimensions, what you can and can't do, why you don't use a tape measure. Work on a geometric mosaic.

Day 3 - Figural work, best methods of learning, styles, understanding how to develop your own style. Piece for piece copies versus freehand copies. Work on a figural mosaic. Working with stoneand other materials, colour choices, getting a supply, cutting options.

Day 4 - Continue working on any mosaics not completed. How to get the best technical advice. Principles of portrait work in a Roman mosaic.

This course is designed to give you a set of principles to work to. Ones that you can apply throughout you work from beginner to advanced. I will expect you to learn much faster then I have simply because I can show you how to avoid the mistakes that I made along the way. 

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