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BAMM Masterclass on October 26th;
We'll be using pre cut unfired ceramic tesserae which allows you to focus on the work and get quickly into working on the mosaics.

What we cover;
The Rules, essential to be able to call a mosaic 'Roman' and their relevance to Modern mosaics. 
Method of Work - a specific approach to large scale mosaics which you can use whatever your type of mosaic.

Choice of mosaic;
Figural - Animal or aquatic creature, calculating size, dominant lines, colour choice, graduation, complexity. Understanding why the borderline around a figure in a Roman mosaic is not to make the figure stand out, it's so it doesn't stand out!

Geometric - how to decipher a geometric mosaic and redraw it to the size you need using a system that can be applied to every single geometric mosaic. Working from geometry (no previous skills needed!), working using a staff so you don't have to mark out your baseboard. How to develop your eye to see dimensions in term of tesserae and not centimetres or inches, understanding the relationship in proportion between different elements, turning corners with a border mosaic and why the size of a mosaic is determined by the mosaic and not the room it goes in.

We have an enormous amount to cover but you will learn principles to apply to your mosaic work which will be relevant to whatever stage you are at.

October 26th 10am - 4pm
To enquire and book contact Natalie Guy: [email protected]

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