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I've just been watching 'Secrets of the Castle' on BBC2 (UK) about building a castle in France using only materials and tools available at the time. In one section they show the carpenters cutting some timber work for the chapel. The carpenter used a staff (a flat piece of wood about 30cm/12" in length) and this was marked off in measurements that were specific to that carpenter and that job. The presenters spoke about it being unique to that building, go somewhere else and it would be the same type of measurements but again, specific to the carpenter on that site. 

My collegue, Stephen Fitts pointed out that in a previous episode the stone mason was using the same sort of thing. It does make sense that this way of working goes back much further than the medieval period. 

If you can view it (not all countries can on iPlayer) then it's episode 4 and it's about 40 minutes in.

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