Making your own mosaic floor

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Want to make a Roman mosaic for your home and want to get an idea of what's involved? Here's a really brief description taken from an article I'm writing.
This is taking a 2 metre (6') square floor panel as an example.

  1. Base - get the floor checked by a tiler to ensure it's usable.
  2. Knowledge - Learn about The Rules and how to set out patterns, learn whatever technique you want to use.
  3. Tesserae - get your supply (24 kgs per square metre or 53lbs per 3' x 3'), there are a number of options for this. 
  4. Cutting - learn to use a hammer and hardie to cut the tesserae into individual shapes.
  5. Setting - talk to the manufacturers to find out the best cement adhesive, grout and stone sealant to use and ask the sealant people about maintenance.
  6. Sit back and enjoy your hard work!border twisted band

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