Restoration report of a mosaic from Nimes, France

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From 2009 a report on the restoration of a mosaic from Nimes, France. There are some good images of the mosaic plus this on what the base layers were made up of;
'A levelling embankment supported a bed of pebbles (statumen) on which a first concrete covering (rudus) was poured, then lime mortar and terracotta debris were added. Restoration work has revealed trowel imprints used for spreading these concrete coverings, and even the print of a nailed sole. The ground surface (opus tesselatum), consists of tesserae, measuring on average 3 to 15 mm, fixed in a lime mixture. A preparatory design was made on the still humid nucleus. During restoration, traces of cords were found corresponding to the outline of the central panel. Rare event, traces of pigments were also found (preparatory design of a bird?), opening the possibility of preliminary intervention of a painter outlining the motif in the humid lime.'


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