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The first of the online courses in Roman mosaics is now available.

This has progressed from the manual and is the result of 14 years of work, not just my learning and understanding of how the original craftsmen worked but also how to have people with no experience of this work learn this. You are walked through each step of the way, The Rules are presented in a clear and concise fashion where you are taught not just what to do but why. I teach you the best places to start in the mosaic, how to progress, how to set lines and shapes, how to view your work so you can continually improve. 

drawing triangles 3 correct way up


Included in the course are 15 patterns for mosaics, both geometric and figures and you can download these and print them off.

Click here for more information and to sign up.

The course is running at a special price for now of £12.00 for full access. This is a totally unique course and you will gain immediate access so you can begin as soon as you want. You get six months access and you are informed as updates are added.

starting out guilloche with insert 1


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