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To give you more of an idea of the content of this workshop I have copied here a reply I have just sent to an inquiry about the course. 

'The content of the workshop on the 3rd May, Using the Staff, is something I've been working on over a number of years now. I've been trying to establish a way of working for setting patterns over large areas that not only maintained a set standard of work but could also be put in use with little training. The Roman mosaicists must of had some way to work that followed this.

You are taught the Rules, the specific way in which the tesserae are set, and then a way to look at the patterns. The system I have developed is used for any pattern no matter how complicated, this allows it to be broken down into its separate parts. Although there is an underlying geometry to all the patterns, on this workshop I make a point of not teaching that, simply because it is not needed.

It is very much, 'work the way I tell you to work', but by doing that, by using the system you should be able to see how it applies to any other pattern. I feel that the mosaics I have people working on on the day are not that important, how the next mosaic they do turns out from what they have learnt from that one is very important.

These workshops are suitable for those planning to do more mosaics but also anyone who wants to just experience the work. By learning the Rules and then applying them to your mosaic you are, in my opinion, working exactly the same way as the original mosaicists. Not in some strange esoteric sense, but very much as craftsmen having to concern themselves with the same thing'

Details of the workshop can be found here

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