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Drawing out double guilloche border pattern for a Roman mosaic. This is an old photo of some work in drawing out a border pattern using a staff. It is correct in principle but there are a few things to note.


1. The staff is used to make the work faster, yes drawing out does show you how it would look but the best way is to use the staff to ensure you set the centre tesserae in the correct place and then you develop your eye by setting the other tesserae freehand, (you do need to know what guide points to look for).

2. The centre tesserae are drawn in too small. This is a mistake I make a number of times at first too. You need to ensure they are in proportion to the width of the strands.

3. As the strands have been drawn in you can see some of the lines bend in the wrong place, (look at the line going from top to the middle centre tesserae and how it bows out).

4. Some of the strands are too pointed where they go to the edge, you need to maintain the curve.

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