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I have added the list of Roman mosaic patterns that you get with the download of Volume I of the workshop manuals. You are sent these in three separate emails after the manual as they are large files. These are patterns you can print off and use to set a mosaic. As well as the pattern you get instructions with a colour image of how the mosaic should look as well as a guide to the number and colours of tesserae that you need. The geometric motif patterns are sized for 10mm (3/8") and 5mm.
Pattern packs
6 Figures; Grasshopper - Leaping Fish - Head of a Leopard - Head of a Hare - Snail from Aquilia - Running Deer
10 Geometric Motifs; Open Heart Shapes motif - Four interwoven hearts - Four Interwoven Looped End Hearts Motif - Four Boxes in Perspective motif - Nine Squares in Perspective motif - Double, side by side Solomon’s knot motif - Solomon's Knot Pattern - Solomon's Knot with interwoven, looped corner square - Looped End Solomon's Knot Motif - Solomon's Knot with Interwoven Square

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