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How long do you take to get to the part of your mosaic where you make mistakes? 
I remember my first teacher (Luciana Notturni) telling me, 'Mosaic work is very easy, there are no advanced techniques. How good you get is down to how many you do'.


Bit of a long post but bear with me as you might find it useful. I teach Roman mosaics, just that, so very much more of a craft rather than an art. What I do find is that some students on the courses are very neat workers, these are usually the ones who have created art before (mosaicists, painters, any medium really).


They take longer to set their lines, always adjusting the tesserae to ensure they are really well lined up. When they get to parts of the mosaic that need skills specific to, for example, Roman mosaics then they make the same mistakes as the others.

This is the important bit, they are learning a new technique and like all of us make mistakes. Because they are focussing on what they know, they end up still making the same mistakes as others but just taking longer to get to them.

If they were less focussed on trying to be 'just so' on the parts they know they are good at, then they would get to the point of making mistakes faster. They can correct them and progress faster to the point where they can make their entire mosaic in the new style where all of it is at the standard they want to work to.

I hope this makes sense, obviously we all want to make the mosaic we work on as good as possible and there are budget constraints but when we try anything new we do need to be ready to make mistakes and be aware of where our focus is. Is it on what we have already learnt or what we want to learn? 
Let me know if you agree or not 😁


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