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Children's Roman Mosaic Worksheets
The free children's worksheets are going well, there have been just over 950 downloads so far. It's good to think that they could get children to think a little more about what we can see in these mosaics. If you've not seen them or know if someone who might like them (they're free and you don't even need to add your email address) then this is the link to that page here

Drawing Geometric Patterns -  PowerPoint Slides
I said, 'I know what will help people, I can upload the step by step guides to drawing out the patterns onto slides for teaching'. I should have known what it would turn into!

As I started to go through them I released it is not just the time involved but for quite a few patterns I needed to update the process and in some a complete rewrite was needed.

It is worth it as it's making me think so much more about what can work for the person working through these patterns rather than what works for me who has been doing it for so long.
If you want to see how they are coming out this is the Solomon's Knot one, feel free to let me have your comments, Click here


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