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Two reasons for posting this up image up.

1. This clearly illustrates why you can only enlarge or reduce the overall size of a pattern within clear limits. The one on the left I tried to fit into a standard 305mm (1') square and it didn't work as you can see by the more realistic example on the right. 'The dimensions of a mosaic floor are determined by the mosaic and not by the size of the room'.

2. The one on the left I used LTP Colour Enhancer and Stone Sealer and although the enhancer has worked well on the colours, the black remains a dusky grey. The one on the right I just used Linseed Oil Wax and you can see how the black comes back to full colour. I've tried numerous chemical colour enhancers but haven't had much success with getting the black done. The only one that came close was Fila Stoneplus but that's a horrendous price.
If I try to apply the wax after sealing then it has no effect.


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