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Here are the latest students mosaics, a couple more are coming later.

1. students mosaic sept 2013 Head of a leopard, made using the 10mm thick tesserae.

2. students mosaic sept 2013 Cat. This was the students own drawing but set using The rules. It suffered a little from the lack space but 300mm x 300mm is about the maximum size for a day. The head is the first thing you notice and it is quite clear that it's a cat, so this has achieved it's purpose. Using the brown lines as highlights works in as much as they could, the one on the right, to delineate the paw could have been moved to the right making it the outer line. 

It must be remembered though that these are designed to be one part of a large floor so it's correct that the main focus is the head, which shows clearly what it is.

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