6 Strand guilloche border pattern

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6 Strand guilloche border pattern. The only marking on the baseboard is the 45 degree line to determine where the pattern turns the corner. All the rest is done using the staff.

5 strand wip 1

 1. A rough calculation is done for the width and the 45 degree line drawn in. This line tells me where the centre tesserae (CT) go so the pattern turns the 
corner correctly.
The staff, marked for double strand guilloche, is used 
to determine where the centre tesserae need to be.







5 strand wip 2

 2. Once the CT are in place you can set the black lines in. It's the same process for all these patterns, you begin by setting only the lines you can be absolutely certain of. Build up as much of the pattern as you can, then see what you have left.









5 strand wip 33. More lines being set, notice I've removed the bottom borderline as I didn't leave enough space. Always be ready to adjust your pattern to what it need to be. There are certain limits to this and it is a case of learning how far you can go. 

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