6 strand guilloche

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Following on from my previous post this is the pattern I've been working on. At first I thought it was a 5 strand guilloche but now adding the colour strands and it appears it is actually a 6 strand guilloche. So, what is a 5 strand guilloche?

wip 6 strand guilloche

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  1. Lawrence Payne

    Shannon, that sounds great, I'd be really interested to see how it comes out.

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  2. Shanon

    I am currently making this pattern with 3/8"tesserae marble, travertine, quartz and onyx, its final dimmensions will be 22"x22". I am using 6 groups of color i.e. one for each strand. So I will also be using 1 line of white and 2 lines of black included in each strand which consists of of 5.5 3/8" cube. Ok now after calculating what i would need for each color I caculated it as if it were 4 square feet. Better more than less. I have a rough estimate of 3488 divided by 13 lines of color and just double the black, so actually it is 3488 divided by 15 equals 235 each color and 465 black. this will vary quite a bit as the colors run along different paths but it is working. I will post a photo when complete.

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