Triple Solomon's knot

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Just for a bit of fun. You will all be familiar with a Solomon's knot mosaic pattern (shown on the left of the image). Now try to apply the principles for that pattern to a Triple Solomon's knot. I'll post up how it's done later on today.

1. Draw 6 dots, equally spaced, in a horizontal line. Draw in another set to make 6 in a vertical line and add the rest to make a square of dots 6 x 6.
2. Now add another load of dots in between the lines, you can see from the drawing I've started you off.

Drawing in the pattern; REMEMBER, find just one line that you know is correct and draw that in wherever it is repeated across the whole pattern.
3. Look to the single knot example on the left and using the top left 'hook' draw that on the top left corner of your square of dots. Dot 1 on your large square corresponds with the dot that the hook curves around.
4. Repeat this along the top line, turn your paper clockwise and repeat, and again for the remaining 2 sides.......then go figure the rest  

It will help you to keep in mind is the pattern is under/over.

triple solomons knot quiz

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