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Something I thought of a while back. If you use the staff then you have the marks for (as you look at a border pattern) the horizontal and vertical lines, the width and distance between the centre tesserae. What, though, if you add the diagonal line? 
In the image here I've superimposed 2 red lines. The vertical one is using a single staff to determine the width. Now add a bracket to that one and attach another so it sits at 45 degrees. If this is marked correctly then you can see how many of the single white centre tesserae lay on that line. 

staff plus 45 degree lines
With 2 staffs put together in this way you can see how just one set, correctly marked would be sufficient for 2, 3, 4 & 6 strand guilloche plus the loop guilloche and more likely many more of the patterns.
I'll make another set of staffs and take some photos with the other border patterns to show this in more detail.

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