Drawing Patterns from Roman Geometric Mosaics


drawing patterns from roman geometric mosaics

drawing patterns from roman geometric mosaics

10th August - 1st November

Drawing Patterns from Roman Geometric Mosaics                           Bury St Edmund's Suffolk UK                        

1 day workshop, for complete beginners, no experience in geometry needed. £135.00 per person 

No mosaics are made in this workshop, instead I will teach you how to look at a geometric pattern from a Roman mosaic and then recreate it on paper. You learn to decipher the original, to break it down into pattern and geometry (these are two different things) and then to redraw it to the size you want. This is a completely unique system that I have developed over 14 years of looking these types of mosaics. You don't need any experience at all in geometry or maths, it is all explained in a very straight forward manner.

The drawings you produce are not just pretty pictures, they are accurate enough to make a mosaic from. I will show you how to avoid the mistakes and how to apply the system to patterns however complicated. All papers, pens and compasses are provided, you will just need to bring a notebook.


The image left, shows how to work on a geometric motif pattern having only a rough photo to go on. The system you will learn is one that you can apply to all types of patterns, the principles remain the same. 

Right, drawing out the pattern. I have supplied the student with a half completed mosiac and she is learning to set the pattern out on paper, (the bowls of cut tesserae are just there to hold the paper down).

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