Drawing Patterns from Roman Geometric Mosaics


Drawing Patterns from Roman Geometric Mosaics - Gallery

These photos are from my work in trying to understand how the patterns from Roman geometric mosaics were drawn out. There are two sides to this, how the patterns are drawn out using geometry and how they are used in setting a mosaic. There is the geometry and then there is the pattern, these are two distinct areas. For more information you can go to the publications page for the manual, the online courses and the workshops I run. 

Different patterns, the same system

On the right you can see a drawing in progress. The method you use is the same, whatever the pattern is. 

Follow the flow

So many of the strand border patterns can increase in size just by adding in strands, on the right you can see how the double strand guilloche can increase in width. this is not an actual pattern from a Roman mosiac by a hypothetical exercise.