Figures in Roman Mosaics 1 Day Course


Figures & Fauna in Roman Mosaics One day workshop

£135 per person Includes all materials & membership of the online course 'figures in roman mosaics'

Full Day Course in Creating an authentic copy of a detail from a roman mosaic

Do you want to understand how the figures in a Roman mosaic are put together?

In this unique 1 day course I will show you how you can do it. You will learn not to just create your mosaic but you will also come to understand what is behind the whole process. I never teach people to just come away with one mosaic, whether or not you carry on, everyone learns the same, as if you are working on a full floor and are setting mosaic floors for the rest of your career. It's the same training, the same understanding, the same view. If you do continue, then the principles I teach you in just one day are the ones you can apply to every piece you make, there are no advanced techniques, you will continue to build on your experience to keep improving in your work.

Left, the original, right a copy

The syllabus

  1. Introduction to the day, what to expect, technical apsects, how to get the right information.
  2. History, The Rules, Method of Work, iconography.
  3. What we can see in the figures and what we need to look for.
  4. How to resize a figure and enlarge it or reduce it in size.
  5. Pattern selection, tesserae, cutting methods.
  6. Working at speed (not fast!) while maintaining the standard.
  7. Finishing off, grouting, waxing
  8. How to continue this work and how to incorporate it into modern mosaics.
An original Roman mosaic set onto a terracotta tile

The Materials

  1. Marble tesserae, 4mm thick so they can be easily cut with nippers, (safety glasses supplied)
  2. A choice of either; a wooden frame to hang your work or a terracotta tile, emblema. 
  3. General adhesice glue suitable for use with stone
  4. Grout
  5. Stone wax (to be applied when your mosaic is completely dry.                                                                                             The photo, left, shows an original Roman mosaic set onto a terracotta base. Yu won't be expected to do one as demanding as this! This gives you an idea of how it would look in this type of base.

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About the location; St Johns Centre, 30 St John's St, Bury Saint Edmunds IP33 1SN

  • The St John's Centre is halfway up St John's Street, 2 minutes walk and you are into the town centre, 15 minutes away from the train station. 
  • I supply drinks, bring something for lunch or you can easily get something in town. 
  • The work is not particulalrly messy, just wear what you are comfortable in.
  • I supply packing for you to take your mosaic away in.


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