Hammer & Hardie Intensive - 1 Day Course


The Hammer & Hardie - One day workshop 6th october 2019

£167.00 per person Includes all tools and block to take away

Full Day Course in how to use the hammer and hardie

Have you ever wanted to know how to use these tools but were afraid that you would not be able to to learn the right way?

In this unique 1 day course I will show you how you can do it. This is professional training that is open to everyone. If you can hammer a nail into a piece of wood you can do this. 

There should be no mystque about these tools, you will take home not just the tools but the practical skills to go with them. It is an intensive day but you will get plenty of breaks, you get any aches we will go through why you are getting them and what your body is telling you. 

The syllabus

  1. Introduction to the day, what to expect, technical aspects.
  2. Positioning and why you must get this right.
  3. How to start right, by using the the method that you will use for the next 10 years and beyond!
  4. Cutting action.
  5. What to cut, and why this is just as important as how to cut.
  6. Standard cutting.
  7. Cutting large format tiles.
  8. Cutting hard materials
  9. How to refine your cuts.
  10. Tool care, including sharpening.

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What you get to take away

  1. Combination hammer, one side steel, one side carbide tipped for glass/smalti.
  2. Steel hardie. 
  3. Oak block.
  4. Marble to practice with, including some large format tiles.                                                                        

Why should you spend the money on these tools and training?

Because once you have invested in them having a hammer and hardie means you will always have access to material for a mosiac.

You will be able to walk into any tile store and get large tiles and be able to break them down. You won't have to worry about the stress on your wrist from using nippers, the weight of the hammer does the cutting. 

Your Instructor

Lawrence Payne


Lawrence has been making copies of Roman mosaics since starting his training in Ravenna, Italy in 2002.  His first instructional video on using the hammer and hardie was uploaded to Youtube in 2009 and since then he has added many more.

His use of these tools has been for cutting large volumes of marble tesserae, 5 - 6 hours of cutting was not unusual. On one occasion all 24,000 tesserae for one particular mosiac were hand cut from tiles ranging in size from 10cm to 30cm square and all 1cm thick. 

Many years of practice and then teaching these skills has allowed Lawrence to understand all the  mistakes that can be made and how to get people over them. 


Book your place now - Click here for the payment page

About the location; St Johns Centre, 30 St John's St, Bury Saint Edmunds IP33 1SN

  • The St John's Centre is halfway up St John's Street, 2 minutes walk and you are into the town centre, 15 minutes away from the train station. 
  • I supply drinks, bring something for lunch or you can easily get something in town. 
  • The work is not particulalrly messy, just wear what you are comfortable in.
  • I supply packing for you to take your mosaic away in.


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