Mosaics for Roman villa reconstructions


Mosaics for Roman Villa Reconstructions

Creating a Roman mosaic for display in a villa reconstruction

There are places where you can see Roman villas that have been reconstructed faithfully following original plans. Inside you can get the impression of walking through the villa and seeing it as the Romans would have seen the structure. Some take it further and paint the walls to imitate the frescos, some add the furniture for the different functions of the rooms. One thing that is missing though, with very few exceptions, is the mosaic floor, something that has become emblematic of a Roman villa. 

Why is this? Cost is obviously the main factor along with things such as where to get the stone, how to cut it, organistaion and training of workers. These series of articles will address all those concerns and more. Hopefully by the end of it you will see that it is possible to have something in place, going from a small corner of a room display to a full floor.

A budget of £100/115 euros/$140 is all you need to start and with the use of volunteers even a full floor is within reach. Having the floor there, showing the work in progress will then attract more visitors as it will show them how these mosaics were created.

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Part I - Why do it?

Part II - How authentic can you be?

Part III - Geting the tesserae