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Work at a museum or archaeological site and want to get your visitors (both adults and children) more engaged? Here you will find a number of  resources that will help you create a more enjoyable and informatiove experience for all your visitors, one that will have them wanting to let others know. 

free worksheets roman mosaics for children

A 14 page download aimed at children aged 7 - 11 years which introduces them to Roman mosaics. You do not need to add an email address, you can download them directly from the page.  These are completely free and you have permission to reprint them for use in your museum as handouts or activity sheets.

Click on the button below to go to that landing page.

Are they worth getting? These sheets have now been downloaded over 1000 times!

roman Mosaic kits for resale

These items are for resale in your shop. Each kit is CE and hazard marked and a copy of my product liability is available on request. Please contact me to request a price list. Minimum order of 5 kits.  Sent from within the UK.

Email for trade price list

Bagged kits

These are 5 different kits that are individually bagged. Everything is included except glue. You can offer these to school groups that may be doing them on site.

single retail kits

These are the same as the individually bagged ones shown left, but with a euro slot hanger for retail sale in your shop. These include the glue so can be done out of the bag without the customer having to buy anything else.

Project in a box

The same as the other kits but with additions to make it a complete project in a box! Along with the kit there are 3 booklets which can be worked through to give a much greater understanding of the ancient mosaicists.

Adult kits

These are aimed at adults and are part of my unique training process to allow people to learn how to make copies of Roman mosaics.

Bespoke kits

Do you have a detail from one of the mosaics in your collection that you would like to offer your visitors as a kit to take home and do? Click below for a PDF on what is possible, what I need to know and how to get a quote.

Display items for sale

These are items made for display or handling in a museum setting. Unique items, please contact me for prices forthese and other items. 

Email; [email protected]

Complete The Pattern

Aimed at children and is a display item that they can use. It is like a jugsaw puzzle, half of the mosaic pattern is done, they have to use the small squares and complete it. Painted and sealed MDF board. Full size 410mm x 4120mm. Squares 60mm.

Border process

This shows how some geometric pattern could have been done without drawing out the pattern. Marble tesserae (5mm) onto board. 400mm x 185mm

Known process model

From Villa Arianna, the tesserae had fallen away exposing etched guidelines underneath. Marble tesserae (5mm) onto board. 405mm x 180mm