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How to draw out a pattern from a Roman geometric mosaic border.

These downloads take you through step by step how to draw out simple and complex patterns taken from geometric mosaics. There is the sheet with the stages drawn out and also instructions with an image of how the mosaic can look.

You will be able to set the pattern to whatever size you like and these are suitable for making a mosaic from and also if you just want to see how it is done.

Drawing out, suggested equipment 

You don’t need a great deal of expensive equipment for this type of drawing, the instruments and pencils can be bought quite cheaply. I would also get a pencil case that has a separate section for your compass and protractor etc so you can keep everything together.

drawing out equipment imge

Drawing out equipment

A – Plain paper

B – Compass

C – Set square, to work out corners of 90°

D – Protractor, for 45° angles

E – Short ruler, 15cm/6”

F – Long ruler, 60cm/ 24” (or length of wood)

G – Colouring pencils

Not shown -  eraser, sharpener, plain pencils.

The colouring pencils aren’t strictly necessary but by colouring in at least part of your drawing it helps you to see that you have drawn out the pattern correctly.

For your small scale paper drawings;

Pencils – get some which draw fine, dark lines. You don’t want to have to press too hard to get a line and you need to be able to easily sharpen it so the lines don’t get too thick. I use 9B or F, this is how they are usually marked. 2HB is the lighter and good for drawing lines you want to rub out later. When you mark out you’ll go through the lead quite quickly on any rough surface, i.e. tiling board, cement floor so I usually have a pack of cheap pencils for this.

Compass – the best ones are those which allow you to lock the arms so they don’t move when you use them. If you get budget ones then you might find it the joint is a little bit loose. Just tighten the screw on the joint as this will stiffen up the arms making them less likely to slip.

Protractor, set square, rulers – nothing fancy, I prefer the clear plastic ones so I can see underneath them.


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