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These borders will print out ready for you to use, in the product details it will tell you the size of tesserae (mosaic tile) that the pattern is based on. These will be 10mm (3/8") of sometimes 5mm (3/16"). Also there will be the size of the mosaic and the number of A4 size sheets that will print out.

You get a right angle corner and a straight section and you will see where you can match these up to make afull square, if needed.

You will need a sheet of carbon copy paper, available at stationers or art shops, to transfer the design. The best boards to use for this are ones with a flat, smooth surface. MDF, plywood or cement fibre board (Hardibacker, No More Ply etc) will work ok. Compressed foam board (Wedi, Marmox etc) can be used but you will need to go over the lines a few times and it's not great for intricate lines.

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