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These are the various animal patterns found in Roman mosaics. They are set up to be suitable for tesserae (mosaic tiles) of around 10 mm.

General guidelines for using these tracing patterns

1. Place the dark blue carbon paper on the board with the pattern on top, the shiny side should go downwards. You can either hold these in place or just use a piece of paper tape to secure. Make sure you can still lift both sheets to check the image is transferring and draw a short line to check the carbon paper is the right way round.

2. Draw over the lines of the pattern with a blunt pencil or biro, you just need something which will put some pressure on the carbon paper.

3. The pattern should transfer easily enough onto things like MDF board. You can also use plywood, cement fibre board, whatever is suitable and has a smooth surface. 

Placing the tesserae

When you place the tesserae you don't have to follow exactly to the lines you've drawn. The drawing is only a rough guide to follow, set the tesserae following a line that looks right to you. Consider if you need a line to be straight or if it would look better with more of a curve, think about the lines you have yet to set, are you leaving enough space or do you need to move the lines in closer together.


Buildings and other structures (tracing patterns)
Buildings and other structures (tracing patterns)

Figure & animal patterns
Figure & animal patterns