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'Roman Mosaics in Miniature'

A series of mosaic kits following patterns which are small scale replicas of the originals. Here you will find geometric patterns from across the Roman Empire. You can become totally absorbed in this fine art on a scale allowing you to reproduce mosaics that were originally much larger. 

Suggested age 14 years+

NB these kits are not suitable as a school project due to the time involved and the tesserae size. 

The tesserae (mosaic tiles) all require cutting down. The tesserae supplied are 10mm x 10mm x 4mm, each one of which needs to be cut into four. From these 5mm x 5mm x 4mm you will also need to cut some triangle and other shapes. The material is an unglazed ceramic so is very easy to cut, the mini nippers in the tools section are sufficient but if you have tile nippers these are even better.


Setting the tesserae. You will need to be fairly dextrous with your fingers and a lot of the time I will use tweezers to place the pieces. 

There are two types of kit, full and basic. The full kit has everything you need except nippers, but you can use scissors. The basic kit is ideal if you are outside the UK and want to save on postage. The baseboards and glue are not included as they can easily be sourced locally. 

Full kit

  1. Baseboard
  2. Pattern and carbon copy paper
  3. Glue
  4. Tesserae 
  5. Instruction sheet with colour image

Basic kit

  1. Tesserae
  2. Pattern and carbon copy paper
  3. Instrcution sheet with colour image

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