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Unglazed ceramic tiles, 10mm x 10mm x 4mm

A great material to use to start making copies of Roman mosaics. It's easy to cut, you can use standard tile cutters or the mini nippers. 

100 gram bags contain roughly 125 tesserae. 

Although the company that produces these says they can be used outside I just use them for decorative mosaics that will be displayed inside and that won't get wet. The finished mosaic can be grouted but there are micro holes in the surface which takes up the grout and which gives it a bit of a 'dusty' look. 

The photo below gives a good idea of what colours I use most, they are black (a dusty grey) white, red, yellow, light green. Not shown, dark green, pink, orange, brown.

Get in touch if you would like to order any.

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