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Illustrating Roman Geometric Mosaics

I've done the boring part, now you take over and add the colour to

these ancient patterns, but it's not just 'colouring in'!

If you follow the guidelines that come with each sheet then you will understand how these patterns come together. You will gain an insight that people seeing these mosaics will not get.


You get the advantage of my 16 years of studying and recreating these mosaics without having to make all the mistakes I made along the way. 



Each individual pattern comes with;

  • 1. 250 gsm art paper, the pattern with just the outline of each tesserae paper (for pencil colours) A4 (8.3" x 11.7"). This high quality paper makes the finished work suitable for framing after you have finished.
  • 2. Practice blank pattern on 80 gsm paper for you to practice on before starting on the art paper one.
  • 3. Sheet showing the pattern in full colour and where just the black tesserae (mosaic tiles) are filled in so you know what to aim for.
  • 4. Template images of the pattern. These help you to understand how the patterns look in different, simpler, easy to follow versions.
  • 5. General instructions on how to see what tesserae to shade it, (1 per pack)
  • 6. 'Colours in Roman Mosaics' guide, (1per pack)

All you need; Colour pencils, eraser (putty rubber is best)



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