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These kits are suitable for beginers and those with some experience and are based on original Roman mosaic patterns. Each one contains everything you need except for the nippers which can be bought separately. The kits use unglazed ceramic tesserae (tiles) which are roughly 10mm x 10mm x 4mm.

The kits contain;

Flat baseboard or framed baseboard which has fittings so is ready to hang on your wall after you finish (each kit description will say which is supplied).

Instruction leaflet with colour image.

Pattern plus carbon copy paper.


Tesserae (tiles)

Please note that the kits that use 10mm tesserae can be used as part of a school project, I would not advise though choosing any of the 'Roman mosaics in miniature' series as these can be too involved in terms of time and concentration required. All these kits require you to cut the 10mm tesserae into four pieces so you are working using 5mm tesserae.





Mosaic kits
Mosaic kits