Solomon's Knot motif - using the staff


Solomon's Knot motif - using the staff

This set of images shows you how to set out the Solomon's knot motif using the staff and spacing blocks. This means you do not need to set out any drawings on the baseboard. Spacing blocks aren't strictly necessary but can be of help when you start.

solomans knot 1_edited  1. Cut yourself some spacing blocks, small pieces of wood 3 tesserae wide. The 4          tesserae width one is used in other patterns.   
 solomans knot 2_edited 2. Mark a staff as shown here. 5 tesserae and then one more marked 'CT' for centre          tesserae. This is the single white tesserae in the centre of the loops.   
 solomans knot 3_edited 3. Place a tesserae in the centre of your board.  

 4. Using the staff place another white tesserae on the CT mark.solomans knot 4_edited


solomons knot 5_edited5. Repeat step 4 setting out a total of 4 white tesserae on both horizontal and vertical      lines.

 solomons knot 6_edited 6. Set a line of black tesserae in a hook pattern as shown here. Use triangles to help to curve around the outer CT. It is very important that the line goes to the right of the main centre tesserae.  
 solomons knot 7_edited 7. Repeat step 6 until you have these 4 lines. Remember, the lines go to the right of the main centre tesserae.  
 solomons knot 8_edited 8. Set a line going from the CT on the right straight up and end it roughly in line with the top CT. Use your staff to check you have the distance correct.  
 solomons knot 9_edited 9. The previous step but this shows using a spacing block to check your line isn't wandering.  
 solomons knot 10_edited 10. Start a line of tesserae 3 away from the black line curling around the CT on the right.  
 solomons knot 11_edited 11. Using the spacing block curve the line around the CT.  
 solomons knot 12_edited 12. The same as 11 but using the staff.  
 solomons knot 13_edited 13. You can see here how the first 'hook' of the motif is created. I'm not looking to be exact all the way around so there is some variation in width.  
 solomons knot 14_edited 14. Now go around setting out the other 3 parts of the pattern.  
 solomons knot 15_edited 15. Here you can see all the black lines set, now just fill in.  
 solomons knot 16_edited 16. The white tesserae lines, keystone shapes used to complete the curves.  
 solomons knot 17_edited 17. Yellow lines.  
 solomons knot 18_edited 18. The completed motif set out without having to mark the board.  
 solomons knot 19_edited 19. Be prepared to remark your staff as you may not get it correct the first time. Spacing blocks can be a real help when you start this work but try to move away from using them when you feel more confident. This is because you need to develop your eye for the spaces between the lines rather than relying too much on these aids.  

 If you want to learn more about how to do this pattern and more complex geometrics then get in touch for information on the courses and books and kits. See below for my contact details.