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Academic references

This page is where you will find the references for ancient and contemporary sources on ancient mosaics. They will be listed under subject headings, I will only be putting verifiable references up, if you feel there are any discrepancies then get in touch. Please let me know if you have any  references you wish to share, Lawrence at [email protected]

Disclaimer; I only use extracts that I can verify, in line with copyright whole artiles are not posted except where the authors permission is gained. Whatever you read here I always advise that you check the primary source.

Use the drop down bar from the main link or click on the titles below;

Literary references to ancient mosaicists/mosaics

Inscriptions (in mosaic) refering to mosaicists 

Greek mosaic references (no references yet)

Contemporary writers on mosaicists, workshops and copybooks

Contemporary writers on techniques and methods 

Contemporary writers on tools found 

Contemporary writers on marbles and stones used (no references yet)

Contemporary writers on geometric design

Contemporary writers on figural mosaics (no references yet)

Contemporary writers on iconography (those not covered in other areas) (no references yet



General articles

Lichtenberger, A Raja, R. (2017). Mosaicists at work: the organisation of mosaic production in Early Islamic Jerash. Antiquity. 91 Issue 358 (358), 998-1010.


Abstract; The city of Jerash in northern Jordan was badly damaged by an earthquake in AD 749. As a result of this, many parts of the city, including the Northwest Quarter, were abandoned and further construction ceased. Archaeological excavations in those parts of the city therefore reveal snapshots in time from the moment at which disaster hit. Of particular interest is the so-called ‘House of the Tesserae’, where archaeologists discovered a trough for the storage of pieces to be used in the construction of mosaics. The find, reported here for the first time, provides a unique insight into the practice of mosaic-laying during the Early Islamic Period.