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Inscriptions (in mosaic) referring to ancient mosaicists

Inscriptions in mosaic

1. Found as part of a mosaic found at The Old Diakonikon-Baptistry, Mount Nebo, Jordan and dates to A.D. 530. The inscription (translated from Greek) reads, 'Lord Jesus Christ, remember the clerics and monks and (all the) others who (rest) here (in peace). Lord remember Soel, Kaium and Elias, the mosaicists and their own family' cited in 'The Mosaics of Jordan', 1997, American Centre of Oriental Publications, Michele Piccirillo.

2. Found at a church near Antioch, possibly the church of the martyrium of St Babylas, AD 387. The inscription in mosaic, reads, 'Under the most holy bishop Flavian, the most honourable Eusebius being in charge of the administration of the church, Dorys the priest has paved this whole exedra with mosaic'. Cited in, Antioch Mosaics, a corpus, 2000, A Turizm Yayinlari, Istanbul, Cimok, F. (ed). This though may just be refering to the priest who commissioned the mosaic.