13th Century floor mosaics


I'm posting up these mosaics as even though they are from a much later period, 13th century AD, they were floor mosaics and they do have a cetain naive charm about them!

These are currently on display in the church of S. Giovanni Evangelista in Ravenna, Italy. There are a number of others there too and the subjects range from fantasy animals, a fox's funeral and one of then here showing the sack of Constantinople from the time of the fourth crusade.

 ravenna floor mosaic 13th century  This seems to reperesent a rather colourful unicorn.
 ravenna floor mosaic 13th century 3  A group of soldiers, notice the Norman style of the shields.


ravenna floor mosaic 13th century 2  The sacking of Constantinople 
floor mosaic ravenna 13th century 1  Not a brilliant photo but this does appear to show a soldier fending off a lion?