Compressed foam boards


This article has contain guidelines and suggestions for use, it is recommended you contact the companies involved for specific instructions and to confirm suitability for your use.

Compressed foam boards are marketed by various companies such as Wedi, Marmox, Kerdi board, Dukka. These are lightweight boards generally used for tiling vertical surfaces. Some companies make boards which can be used in flooring but for mosaic work you will generally find that there is a minimum size of tile that can be used on it such a 100mm. This is due to what's known as point compression, i.e. the pressure the corners of a tile put on the board when they are walked on. The smaller the tile the more chance there is of the corners pressing through onto into the boards.

marmox hexagon 

In mosaic work they are used for mosaics that will be hung on a wall, they can also be made to create 3 dimensional objects. 

Cutting - an ordinary craft knife can be used though this can leave the edges a little ragged if you're not careful. I always use a new, or fairly new blade.

Hanging - as the core of this material is compressed foam then there is nothing for screws to really grip onto so the best thing to use are a combination of Tee nuts, screws and washers, see the video below. 

 tee nuts foam hangers  From left to right, 4mm screws, washer, tee nut 4mm, d-ring (to hang wire from).