Commission a Roman mosaic

Due to my current workload I am not accepting any new commissions for 2018

If you wish to commission a Roman mosaic for your home or business then here is a brief description, please contact me for further details.

I can produce for you a mosaic, in marble which will be an accurate copy of those found from the time of ancient Rome. It can be prepared off site and installed quickly any where in the world with the minimum of disruption. As well as applying The Rules (see here for more information) your mosaic is made in such a way that is consistent with the way that I believe the originals were constructed.

Made using 10mm thick marble for a floor or 4mm thick for a wall the tesserae are sourced from many different countries using my experience over the past 14 years of working with stone.

You can choose from figural or geometric patterns or a combination of both, below are some examples of previous work. Prices start from £2,200 per square metre to £12,000 per square metre. This does not include installation which I have done by specialist mosaic installers. 

optimus large long

Bishop Optimus. Copy of a 6th century CE tombstone mosaic completed for a museum in Tarragona, Spain. This is a piece for piece copy of the original mosaic. I took a tracing of the mosaic drawing around each individual tesserae and using the Ravenna Method I cut each tesserae to match the shape of the original.

432 This image shows a small example of a piece for piece pattern.

bull and elephant full Bull and Elephant, copy of an original in the Vatican museum, Rome. This mosaic has been made using tesserae which are 5mm x 5mm x 5mm all of which are cut by hand.
dolg finished pre grout Double, opposing loop guilloche, example of a complex border pattern. In line with my theory on the way the original mosaicists worked this pattern is set without the need to mark the base. Click here for further information on this technique.     
roman mosaic plans pattern For commissions requiring a full plan or scaling up or down of a pattern a non refundable fee is charged for design services. This is equivalent to the time needed an estimate of this time will be given. If you go ahead with the commission then the price of the work is adjusted down to account for this fee.
hammer and hardie Although the tesserae are cut in part by machine the final preparation and cutting during work is done using the hammer and hardie. This set of tools is the same as that used by the original craftsmen and is still the most effective way to cut marble tesserae. 
triangles showing borderline The Rules used in Roman mosaics are applied in every mosaic that I do. On the left you can see an illustration of these in practice. The triangle on the left in the picture is incorrect and it would not be possible to label that piece 'Roman'. These Rules I have applied consistently over years since first being taught them in Ravenna 14 years ago.