Flowers in Roman mosaics


Flowers in Roman mosaics

Floral patterns, both on their own and as borders can be seen in many Roman mosaics but you will see these commonly in sites in North Africa where it is accepted as a style of the region. 

You must remember that these are not often seen completely on their own and so the mosaic can seem quite basic but as a large group this is not noticeable.

roman, mosaic flower original   Bardo Museum, Tunisia. Quite a grainy shot but notice how the have used smaller tesserae from the ends of the petals.
 flowers black background

 Bardo Museum, Tunisia. About 90 - 95% of backgrounds are done using off white tesserae. Black can be seen and is very effective as you can see in this example of a border pattern

Image copyright Morgana Ryan

 flower barcelona museum 3. Archaeological Museum, Barcelona, Spain. 
 Roman mosaic flower Another one from Tunisia.