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This is the teachers page for the education portal. If you have any suggestions about what you would like to see then please do get in touch at [email protected]

Drawing out the Solomon's Knot Motif

Download files - Powerpoint on how to draw out the Solomon's knot motif. These are step by step guides to teach the children how to draw out a pattern free hand. 

  1. For the Google slides powerpoint click here
  2. For a 10 sheet PDF file of the above (this does not have the extra notes with it) click here
  3. For a 2 sheet (to give out to the children) PDF version, the instructions on one sheet and a blank square to start using on the next, click here


Double Guilloche border patterns to download (free)

These are the most common of the bordder patterns you see in a Roman mosaic. The double guilloche is two strands plaited together. This is a free PDF for you to download and then print off for use in your school or museum. There are 5 sheets, A4 size and they have straight lengths of the pattern, a corner, a cross over and a T-piece. These will fit together so you can have the children colour them in and them match them up. There is also one sheet in colour which shows how they are coloured in in sequnce, be warned though the colours, when you use a T-piece they will not go in the correct sequence, it just can't be done!

A suggestion is to use all the patterns and make a grid with square or rectangular spaces and then the children can draw animals of figures to place in the holes.

Download click here

An idea for a drawing exercise

Unswept floor - A modern version

They found a mosaic in Italy that has been dated to the 2nd century C.E. In the mosaic there are many things that you would have expected to have seen thrown away in the course of a banquet. There are fish heads, empty sea shells, chicken bones and even a mouse gnawing on a walnut shell!

One idea is to have the children design and draw out their own floor and imagine what would have been on the floor after a very messy meal now or even just the day to day things that are thrown on the floor now. You can use the border patterns above to create a square that they then fill in on separate sheets. It could be pizza slices, empty coke cans, socks etc.

The photo right, shows a modern version how a artist, Helen Miles has done just this. You can see a pair of glasses, a lost sock, she has kept in the mouse though!

Photo copyright Helen Miles Mosaic (click on the name to see her website)

Shop items for educators in schools, museums and the heritage sectors

Please make use of the free resources here, there is no catch I just want to be able to have children learn more about an ancient craft that I find so fascinating. If you would like to add some mosaic kits or other things then there are a number of things I can supply.

There are trade prices which are different to those shown in the shop so contact me, Lawrence, using a work email address and I will be in touch, [email protected]

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